Nigeria Current Time - All you need to know

Nigeria Overview and Climate

Before talking about the current time in Nigeria some facts about Nigeria: Nigeria is situated in West Africa. Because of its location, the country has a very humid, hot tropical climate, influenced by Monsoons, with constant temperatures across the year. In the northern part of the country the climate is drier, as it is influenced by the proximity of the desert. There are several seasons that can be observed in Nigeria, as long rainy season, short dry season, short rainy season, long dry season. Obviously it is recommended traveling to Nigeria during the dry season, so you can enjoy the weather without suffering because of humidity.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. The capital is Abuja and the largest city is Lagos. Although the official language is English, it is understood just by a minority of the population and most of the citizens of Nigeria speak a Creole language, derived by English.

Current time in Nigeria

When talking about time, it should be noted that Nigeria Standard Time is GMT+1 and that the country is included just in a time zone, which is called West Africa Time Zone (WAT). This means that the current time in Nigeria right now is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). West Africa Time Zone was established in 1919, and along with Nigeria, it is used in other countries such as: Chad, Benin, Niger, Central African Republic etc. For example, when in New York City is 2 pm, the current time in Nigeria is 7 pm.

Daylight Saving Time in Nigeria

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is also known as Summer Time. DST is used in many countries, with a view to a more rational use of daylight and save energy, by shifting forward 1 hour and then back in autumn. Most countries in West Africa Time Zone (WAT) do not use DST and Nigeria is not an exception, this because daylight hours are quite constant throughout the whole year, due to the position of Africa, which is straddling the equator line. As an example we can say that during the summer, the current time in Nigeria is the same as in London, while in winter it is the same as Berlin.

Traveling Advices for Nigeria

It is advisable not to travel at all to the eastern part of the country while the northern and southern parts should be better avoided. Violent street crime is quite common, especially when wealth is displayed in public. Kidnappings can occur, targeting wealthy tourists. However, in the safest part, Nigeria has a lot to offer. Lagos is a multicultural city and the country offers also several national parks that boost an amazing flora and fauna. Abuja is instead a planned city, mainly built during the 80s and it is famous for its modern Nigerian architecture (and for being expensive!) Driving alone in Lagos or to reach parks is anyway not advisable as the roads are not maintained and the traffic rules are often overlooked by drivers thus hiring a driver is always the best solution for getting around.


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